About Enerva

Founded in 2017, Enerva is a privately held company based in Toronto, Ontario. Enerva is a young and innovative company that found a gap in the existing industry and decided to fill it with its contributions.  


Our mission is to contribute to clean economic growth by helping homes and businesses reduce their utility bills and conserve energy. We design and deliver quality energy efficiency programs for the C&I and residential sectors.

Our philosophy is bringing together the right people, process and technology to assist, inform and empower our clients in leading effective energy efficiency and clean growth programs. 

In designing and implementing energy efficiency programs we overcome barriers such as lack of access to financial capital, lack of awareness and education of Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency.   


Our shared values describe the core principles that distinguish our culture.  

  • Our objectives are transparent and straightforward.  

  • We strive for excellence and aim to exceed expectations.   

  • We are highly committed to a culture of mutual support, teamwork and collaboration.   

  • We are a safe and diverse place of work. The ability to work with people of different backgrounds allows us to approach tasks from different dimensions and to find the best possible solutions for our clients.  

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Enerva Team

Enerva focuses on two activities: providing excellent consulting and advisory services as well as program development. Our unique expertise and resources will help your businesses to achieve and exceed your short and long-term goals. 

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